Hair today, gone tomorrow…


March 18, 2014 by 250 Beers

I did it. The hair is gone.

Last Thursday, along with four other beer-loving fellas from Brisbane, all bar half a millimetre of my hair was shaved off as part of our planned World’s Greatest Shave for Leukaemia event at Newstead Brewing (NBCo).

IPAs at NewsteadHaving my Bacchus Bloggers Series beer, Hair of the Blog IIPA, on tap that day as part of a larger event – The Second Combing – was an added bonus. Mark Howes (NBCo) even let me tap the keg, clear the lines, fit my own decal and he also ensured that I had the first sip too. Mmmmm, it tasted every bit as good as I remembered from the first keg. It’s still a big, resinous, bold imperial IPA.

It was really enjoyable to have put the plans in place with Mark and to see The Second Combing eventuate into something that people could come along and donate to. More importantly it was an extremely nice feeling to raise some funds for those suffering with blood cancer.

I originally set my personal sponsorship target at $500 which I initially struggled to hit. It’s not easy convincing people to part with money and you just can’t force others to do so if they don’t want to. However, I set about contacting almost everybody in my address book and hounded them for cash! I had nothing to lose. I probably frustrated anybody that has me in their Twitter and Facebook news feeds too as I ploughed on with my campaign to gain sponsors. I eventually garnered a personal sponsorship total of $1,297 which surpassed my target by $797. This made me a very happy bald man.

RendangI’ve written previously that NBCo had wanted to devise a meal to compliment Hair of the Blog. Head chef, Peter Swatton, came up with an Indonesian beef rendang curry and ordering it with the IIPA as a $30 combo meant that NBCo would donate $7 to our cause. More than 20 patrons took advantage of the combo and they wouldn’t have been disappointed because the curry was absolutely divine and it matched the beer perfectly. Nice work Peter!

So, how much did we raise all up? Well, our grand total was over $5,500. Elation just about describes the feeling. Mark and I set out to raise $1,000 initially so I’m sure you’ll understand how we feel about smashing that figure by more than fives times!

We couldn’t have done it without our fellow team members of course. Let me introduce all five of Team Newstead Balding Co:

Luke Shields before and after

Luke Shield before and after (photos Liz Shield)

Luke Shield: Good beer lover from Brisbane. Luke’s surname has an element of ‘hero’ about it doesn’t it? Well, his fundraising efforts were nothing short of heroic too. He single-handedly raised more than $1,500.

Jarrett Bravo before and after

Jarrett Bravo before and after (photos Luke Shield)

Jarrett Bravo: Brewer at NBCo. Yet another heroic surname! The Leukaemia Foundation means more to Jarrett than most for personal reasons. Bravo to Jarrett indeed for going under the clippers.

Brendan Chan before and after

Brendan Chan before and after (photos Luke Shield)

Brendan Chan: Brewer at Bacchus Brewing Co. The hairiest of brewers and probably the hairiest bloke I knew before shave day! Not only did Brendan have a huge mop of thick hair but he sported a shaggy beard too. A challenge for the clippers but hats off to Brendan because his transformation was the most outstanding.

Mark Howes before and after

Mark Howes before and after (photos Luke Shield)

Mark Howes: Head brewer/co-owner at NBCo. After agreeing a few months ago to host the event it dawned on Mark that he really should set the precedence by having his head shaved too. To his credit, he was first in the chair and the first to get that bright orange cape on.

Me before and after

Me before and after (photos Luke Shield)

Darren Magin (me!): Beer blogger. I don’t need to prattle on about myself do I? Nah.

Absolutely none of this fundraising would have been possible without the assistance and embracing nature of Mark and Michael from NBCo. The more I get to know Mark, the more I realise that he is one of the most generous blokes I’ve ever met. So, thanks mate if you read this. I really mean it.

I cannot wrap this up without also saying a big thank you to everybody that sponsored us. THANK YOU! Special thanks to Jimmy Rod’s Barber Shop from the Gasworks in Newstead too – they donated their time for nothing and gave us all a professional cut.

Now, what can we do next for charity…?


Photo by Jason Poffley


8 thoughts on “Hair today, gone tomorrow…

  1. Funny thing is, I only met you after the headshave. So for me, you’d look weird WITH hair.

  2. […] When asked to come up with characteristics of a typical “beer person”, a few traits spring to mind. Some may attribute them as being snobby or maybe enthusiastic. Some may view them as bearded hipsters, while others may see them as discerning people looking for the best taste. But normally, the terms “hero” and “philanthropist” aren’t the first to spring to mind. 5 guys with varying levels of hair did there best on the 13th of March to change that perspective and braved the razor to help take down leukemia. Darren Magin (of 250beers fame), Mark Howes (head honcho at Newstead Brewing), Jarrett Bravo (also a Newstead Brewer), Brendan Chan (Bacchus Brewing), and Luke Shield (beer lover) squared off against the Jimmy Rod’s Barber Shop and lost. While the guys may have lost their locks, the real winners were the many men and women diagnosed from leukemia. The gentlemen raised over $5,500 for the associations annual “World’s Greatest Shave” event, which sees a huge amount of supporters and participants each year. We should take our hats off to these brave blokes and commend them for doing an amazing job. A big cheer for Newstead Brewing for hosting the event as well. The biggest cheer, is for the men and women battling with this cancer; keep up the fight. (For more information on their the fundraising efforts, check out 250′s post) […]

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  6. […] the success of raising more than $5,000 for Leukaemia back in March via an official head shaving event, a few of us that were directly involved in that project wanted to do something for charity […]

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