Noisy Minor Brewing Co. – The launch


March 25, 2013 by 250 Beers

noisy minor logoThe tranquil surroundings of Mount Tamborine in Queensland’s south-east have been home to breweries for some time. The area is currently occupied by the appropriately named Mount Tamborine Brewery and the recently relocated Beard and Brau.

That tranquility is about to be blown away by the new kids on the mount – Fortitude Brewing Co and their extreme brewing arm Noisy Minor.

Behind the closed doors of the old Eagle Heights Brewery, co-owners Gerard (Ged) Connors and Jim O’Connor along with Head Brewer Ian Watson (of Murray’s ‘fame’) have been putting together a plan to stamp their mark on the craft beer scene.

Saturday, March 23rd, was a big day for Noisy Minor. It was launch day. If the Noisy website is anything to go by, these guys seem bold and appear very keen to make sure that everybody knows they’ve arrived.

It’s 2013 so, as you’d imagine, social networking sites have been abuzz with Noisy Minor hype. The hash-tag ‘nofauxmofos‘ has been applied to tweets relating to Noisy Minor. This is reinforcing Noisy’s intention to brew nothing but decent, ‘unfake’ beers of the very craft kind.

A few weeks ago, I was very fortunate to be sent an invitation by Gerard to join the launch party. I humbly accepted.

If the truth be known, the launch was actually a pub crawl around Brisbane. Innovatively, the guys had tapped two of their eight-strong initial line-up at four different bars and planned to drive me and 60 or so others around in a bus.

I put all of my faith in the notoriously shit Queensland Rail and headed to The Scratch Bar for the 2pm kick-off.

The in-your-face boldness was again evident. Upon arrival everybody was handed a bright yellow t-shirt which contained the now familiar slogan “No faux, Mo Fo’s”. We were also given an introduction brochure and a megaphone. On the very first page, we’re advised to ‘harden the f*ck up’ and told that the wearing of the t-shirt was compulsory because they ‘cost a f*cking fortune’. Brilliantly brash and it set the scene for a Noisy day ahead. The megaphone had eight beer tokens printed on it for redemption at the partaking bars.

Noisy megaphone inclusive of eight virgin beer tokens

Noisy megaphone inclusive of eight virgin beer tokens

Also handed out was a bottle of water with two ibuprofen tablets taped to the side. A light-hearted suggestion perhaps? Or more so the sensible doctor element of Ged coming to the fore? Ged is a certified, 100% Interventional Cardiologist!

Welcoming speech at Scratch

Welcoming speech at Scratch

I’d treated myself to a Two Birds Golden Ale as soon as I’d arrived as the noisy minor saison fromentday had turned into a very sticky 30 degrees. That beer really hit the spot but the first of the Noisy Minor beers did exactly that again and more. The Saison Froment (5.2%) is a Saison brewed with 100% wheat (froment is french for wheat). It’s a cracking beer. Very effervescent and extremely refreshing. If this was a sign of what’s to come then the day was shaping up very nicely indeed.

Noisy Minor taps at Scratch

Noisy Minor taps at Scratch

Beer number two that was launched was Grim RIPA (7.4%) which is a big, black rye IPA that noisy minor grim ripaoozed class and filled my senses with a blast of hops and roast niceties. Another great beer.

To avoid needless beer token wastage, I then had a Bacchus German Porter (6.1%) off the hand-pump whilst waiting for the bus to arrive. I should mention that at this point there was absolutely no sign of any faux mo-fo’s.

The bus then arrived to haul us beery folk off to Tippler’s Tap for episode two.

Impromptu bus stop outside The Scratch

Impromptu bus stop outside The Scratch

The t-shirts were beginning to take effect because as soon as we’d arrived in Teneriffe’s 10-tap wonderland, the jaws of the existing patrons hit the floor. Just imagine being halfway through a peaceful late lunch when 60 or so people arrive on a bus wearing bright yellow t-shirts and start taking over the place! Tippler’s isn’t a big place after all.

We were treated to an Orego-Belgian Red Rye Ale called Red Ryeding Hood (4.9%) noisy minor red ryeding hoodin exchange for beer token number three. This is probably the most sessionable of the lot. At 4.9% it is the lightest in terms of alcohol but has enough of a hoppy character to make you want more and more.

Token number four was redeemed for a massive beer callednoisy minor yastrebov Yastrebov (9.6%). A high alcohol Ukrainian Imperial Stout. Perhaps the first ever? It was described by Ian as having ‘lots going on’. It sure did but I’m just not sure what? For me, the taste of alcohol became dominant as I sipped further. The more I drank, the more overpowering it became. By the time I’d finished it I was struggling.

Head Brewer, Ian Watson, being Noisy

Head Brewer, Ian Watson, being Noisy

By now, some people were starting to wobble. I even saw a few ibuprofen tablets being popped on the bus en route to Bitter Suite!

It was early evening when we arrived in the leafy suburb of New Farm. Local people were sat outside the venue in large numbers minding their own business when a bus turned the corner and drew silence. A bus that needed to do a three-point turn to negotiate the junction. Again, jaws slammed to the ground. The silence of their evening meal was broken by a very Noisy bus-load of loud, yellow beer drinkers. The look on all of their faces said “No, please don’t stop here. Please.”

Sensibly, Bitter Suite had sectioned off an area to cope with us while we sampled and enjoyed beers number five and six.

Noisy Minor taps at Bitter Suite

Noisy Minor taps at Bitter Suite

I was a bit apprehensive as to exactly what the Ukrainian giant had done to my palate. I feared that the next beer would be tarnished because of what came before it so I quaffed a little of my bottled water. That did the trick. My thirst was back on ably assisted by some fabulous Bitter Suite food.

Three Dragons Burton Ale (6.9%) is an English IPA that reallynoisy minor three dragons burton ale did scream England at me. Very malty and dry. Loved it.

Next up was my favourite of the lot, an India Doppelbock named Doppelganger (8.1%). I can’t disguise the fact that I was a wee bit worse for wear at this noisy minor doppelganger india doppelbockpoint. I can’t remember exactly what it was about this beer that made me excited enough to write a note that read ‘must drink this again’.

Having been told that the bus wasn’t leaving for another 15 minutes and with an empty glass in my hand, it seemed sensible to have a go at a 4 Pines Keller Door release that was on tap and so, as we waited for the bus, I sat on a Hallertau Mittlefruh (5.0%). Yum.

I’ve been writing this blog since mid-2012 so I’m still a newbie really. There are a few other Brisbane-based bloggers that I know of (and I’m sure we all know of each others existence). I wanted to see if I could get together with the other cyber writers and share a beer – which, after all, is our common interest right? By the time we’d finished up at Bitter Suite, I’d managed to hunt down Nick M from Brisbane Craft Beer (which was easy), Jack The Westbender, Matt Kirkegaard from BrewsNews and Cassie’s alter ego, The Mistress. Although, proving rather elusive was Nick A – the Oz Beer Baron. That changed when we hopped back on the bus to take us to our final destination in West End, Archive.

Jack and a mystery guy sat directly behind myself and Nick M. Once seated, Jack exclaimed “Guess who this is?!” Yup, he’d tracked down the Oz Beer Baron. For a bus ride at least, four Brisbane beer bloggers occupied an area no larger than a 2 metre square. Cool, right?

As we fell out of the bus and into Archive, I was fortunate enough to be part of the first throng through the door. To witness what must have been at least 40 glasses noisy minor anzus ipaof freshly poured beer just sitting on the bar to greet us was a sight to behold….glasses of our seventh Noisy brew – 14901 ANZUS IPA (6.0%).

This one takes its name from the significant treaty signing on the 14th September 2001 between Australia, New Zealand and the United States. If you manage to get hold of one of these beers you’ll be welcomed with a big fruity taste and big hop smack. Another sessionable beer.

The eighth and final beer was the one I’d had my eye on all day. I’d been waiting patiently but noisy minor rsvpI was too wobbly to really embrace it! It’s called RSVP – a 6.2% rum, smoked, vanilla porter. The vanilla and rum tastes are backed up wonderfully by a smooth and subtle smokiness. I will admit right here and right now that I found a discarded megaphone with an unused beer token still active. I know it’s cheeky but I went and treated myself to another RSVP with it. Thanks for leaving it behind whoever you are.

Now, at this very juncture I should have gone home BUT I’d noticed that Archive had the 14.9% Bridge Road/Nogne O collaboration Aurora Borealis on tap. I’d been wanting to try this for a while so when Wade Curtis from 4 Hearts Brewing offered me the chance to try it, I almost bit his hand off. Even though my memory is a bit hazy, I do recall it blowing me away so I went and bought one for myself. It was a great way to finish a fantastic, celebratory day of beer. A fine celebration of no faux’s. 

7 hour binge. 1 bus. Shit loads of great people. 13 beers. 8 of which were very, very Noisy.

An extremely Noisy day indeed.

Thank you Noisy Minor and welcome to Brisbane. Long may you continue to make noise.



9 thoughts on “Noisy Minor Brewing Co. – The launch

  1. Ross says:

    Excellent write up… Was a great day & really nice to catch up & put a face to a name…

    Bacchus Brewing co.

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  7. Glen says:

    When’s your next event for 2015 ?

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